Strawberry Mojito

Recipe by: Chloé (Chloé kookt)

Today, we drink far too many sugary drinks, which are not good for our bodies. Alcohol clearly contributes to this, but being careful doesn’t mean limiting yourself to water.

This non-alcoholic cocktail combines the best of both worlds. So now you can have as much fun as everyone else.

Zùsto can bring a new dimension to your aperitif!



30 cl of water

a handful of ice cubes

a glass of lemon juice (1/2 lemon juice)

A few mint leaves

a handful of strawberries (you can use slightly damaged strawberries for this so you don’t have to throw them away)

1 teaspoon of Zùsto

1 slice of lemon

a few slices of fresh ginger (to spice it up)

Preparation method


Mix all the ingredients together except the ice.


Leave to infuse for 10 minutes.


Pour into a cocktail glass with crushed ice or a few ice cubes.


About Chloé

I’m Chloe, a 21 year old medical student. I’ve been running a food blog on Instagram for 18 months now and every day I cook with the same level of passion and pleasure.


I hope my cooking blog will inspire and motivate students to cook a little more (healthily).


Since consuming large quantities of sugar remains a major problem for our health, I can only be in favour of the sugar substitute Zùsto.


Zùsto has a neutral taste and is easy to work with, and I really like its packaging!