Delve into dessert at Kaleidoscope and Saffron

14 Nov 2021 By Zusto Latest News

For more than a year now, the culinary team at Atlantis, The Palm have been working with Zusto, a low-calorie, low-GI, zero-carb sugar substitute made primarily from corn and chicory fibres.


While there are plenty of sugar replacements available, FDA-approved Zusto struck a chord with the restaurant’s chefs because it not only allowed them to create desserts suitable for those with diabetes but meant that they could do so without compromising on taste.

As a result, diners who visit Kaleidoscope and Saffron can tuck into all manner of great-looking, great-tasting treats – milk chocolate-infused yuzu tarts, coconut caramel flans, black forest cake, tropical fruit mousses and more – without worrying about the sugar count.

On a side note, keen home bakers who fancy cooking with Zusto will be pleased to learn that it can replace sugar on a 1:1 ratio in recipes, making it simpler and easier to use than many other sugar substitutes.

Have your cake and eat it at Ferns N Petals

Sometimes the best way to show someone you care, or treat yourself to some self-care, is with cake. Thanks to online gift service Fern N Petals, and its selection of sugar-free baked delights, you can still do that even if the intended recipient is following a diabetes-friendly diet.