About Zùsto

Is sucralose good for you or dangerous?

Is sucralose really unhealthy? You can find lots of articles and sources online that claim sweetener is unhealthy. And then you can find ones that say it is healthy! A lot of the available information is contradictory. So what should you believe? And can you safely eat products that contain this sugar substitute? We list all the facts about sucralose.

Is Zùsto healthy?

Sugar or sugar substitutes and the concept of healthy don’t often go hand in hand. Sugar has a detrimental effect on your body and more and more, it is being avoided. This means we often look for an alternative to sugar. Unfortunately, sugar substitutes don’t often taste the same as sugar and some of them can even leave a nasty after-taste.

How to mix Zùsto with butter

That can happen. Zùsto is a high-fibre product and fibres such as this are water soluble, but dissolve more slowly than sugar. That is why we recommend using Zùsto first of all with dry ingredients, before adding the wet ingredients. So first add flour, and then butter. Do you want to mix Zùsto directly with butter? If so, it’s important to use butter that is at room temperature. The most common reason why ingredients separate is because of a difference in temperature. You should therefore remove the butter from the fridge several hours in advance, and mix it in a food processor before slowly adding the Zùsto, one spoon at a time. This is how you can prevent lumps from forming.

Disadvantages of Zùsto

We know that Zùsto is not very cheap. This is because Zùsto combines various dietary fibres such as polydextrose and fibres from chicory and maize. They were specially chosen for how valuable they are to our health and for their excellent properties as a sugar substitute in many uses. Dietary fibre also guarantees health benefits and prebiotic effects. Most other sugar substitutes, on the other hand, are based on one or two sweeteners. Other than how sweet they are, they don’t help with your health. But Zùsto does. With Zùsto, you’re choosing a quality product. With a local product, you can be sure it was made honestly and in a safe environment.